Update 01.101

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25 September 2015


This week we added turrets for small ships. There are currently two types: gatling and missile. Additionally, we have applied several improvements that will optimize the performance of ship destruction and turrets, allow more moving ships in a server, and also stabilize constraints and collisions. We also added a pirate raiding carrier that will approach its nearest enemy and spawn light attack drones. Eventually it will leave on its own. But keep in mind, there is a large but well protected treasure hidden inside it! Moreover, we implemented more encounter ships from workshop creations. Thanks a lot to JD.Horx for his IMDC faction fleet! More additions will continue in the future. Last but not least, the exploding Landing Gear issue has been fixed! We are sorry that it took us so long, but we are happy that it’s finally solved and we hope that it won’t destroy your creations any more :)


  • Turrets for small ships
  • Pirate raiding carrier
  • New encounter ships from workshop creations

Workshop Links


  • Fixed exploding Landing Gear
  • Improved ship destruction performance
  • Improved moving objects performance
  • Improved autopilot behavior
  • Improved turret performance
  • Fixed message about missing components showing to every player
  • Fixed Assailant Mk1 not avoiding collisions
  • Fixed tooltip overlapping with gravity HUD

Update 01.101.027 (09/25/15)

  • Fixed multiple crashes
  • Fixed warnings and animation of Jump drive
  • Fixed turret definitions
  • Fixed jetpack power usage

Update 01.101.028

  • Fixed black stone

Update 01.101.029

  • Enabled classes in ModApi
  • Enabled MyResourceSinkComponent
  • Enabled MyResourceSourceComponentBase
  • Enabled MyResourceSinkInfo in modapi