Update 01.102

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2 October 2015


The performance issues related to thrusters, turrets, rotors, sensors and rendering have been fixed. We’ve also applied several other bug fixes such as game crashes caused by landing gears. We’ve also updated the wheels so they behave more realistically - this is the first iteration and more improvements will follow in the next updates. Additionally, the character’s jump is now reflected more realistically according to the gravity strength. Lastly, we would like to thank all of you for helping our team by reporting issues that you find in the game. It is really very important for us! Sometimes things might not go as expected and bigger issues might appear, but you should know that we are always doing our best to fix everything on time and provide the best gameplay experience possible.


  • character’s jump corresponds to gravity strength


  • fixed performance issues when turrets are near big enemy ships
  • fixed performance issues caused by thrusters
  • fixed huge performance issues caused by rendering
  • fixed performance issues caused by rotors
  • fixed performance issues caused by sensors
  • fixed crash when locking landing gears to asteroid
  • fixed crash when attaching landing gears to hangar doors
  • fixed crash when locking and unlocking landing gear twice
  • fixed wheels behavior (first iteration)
  • fixed crash when exiting the game
  • fixed issue with character death when is out of energy
  • fixed issue with jetpack consuming too much energy
  • fixed zero energy after reload
  • fixed indestructible blocks being destructible
  • fixed thrusters not working after merging/unmerging
  • fixed ship tools too brittle
  • fixed batteries not charging properly
  • fixed drills exploding after reload
  • fixed gyroscopes not working properly for large and small ships
  • fixed incorrect message when entering a ship without energy
  • fixed HUD overlapping with gravity marker
  • fixed typos in cubeblocks
  • fixed energy being recharged to 100% when switching helmet
  • fixed missing sounds of reactors when items are falling on the ground
  • fixed small ship turrets missing in the assembler and small blocks tab in G screen
  • fixed retracting piston shows speed -0
  • fixed "Day Duration" in day duration settings being displayed wrongly
  • fixed lights issue when merging ships
  • fixed incorrect fuel time values in HUD

Update 01.102.10 (10/02/2015)

  • fixed crash when cutting ship with player sitting inside
  • fixed crash when using thruster boost
  • fixed crash with oxygen refilling
  • fixed ship tools not working when pressing LMB
  • fixed broken radio antenna noise has no distance limit
  • fixed oxygen generator and other blocks ignoring power "off" after savegame load
  • fixed projections have functional access terminals