Update 01.103

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8 October 2015


This week we have another batch of improvements and bug fixes for you. We’ve applied changes that are improving the turret performance and also increase the framerate when there are many ships in great distance (there will be no memory consumption from ships that are on the edge of visibility). We’ve also fixed the armor box turret hack and speed-up the g-screen when opening for the first time.

Lastly, we would like to add that our development is focusing more and more on the new updates and features that we are planning to release in the near future. Stay tuned!


  • armor box turret hack
  • turret performance
  • small FPS improvement (large when there are many ships in great distance)
  • G screen performance (special thanks to Andrew Woodall for submitting this fix through github)
  • fixed blocks ignoring enable/disable (LCD Panel, Artificial Mass, Gravity Generator)
  • fixed Oxygen Farm red when placed in creative
  • fixed jump drive white when merged with another grid
  • fixed switch lock ON/OFF action for ejectors

Update 01.103.006 (10/09/2015)

  • fixed crash when running out of Oxygen in generator
  • fixed crash when moving things in Assembler
  • fixed autopilot not working when turning power off and on
  • fixed red oxygen tanks
  • fixed unable to circle through hotbars