Update 01.104

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15 October 2015


In this week’s update we are applying new bug fixes and improvements to prepare the game world for the upcoming biggest update yet (you know which one).

Also, we are introducing an important change to tutorial. From now on the tutorial works as follows: the next chapter is unlocked only by completing the previous one to show newcomers and returning players all the essentials needed to understand the basics in the game. Tutorials are more informative now explaining how spawning and recharging energy in medical rooms and cockpit works.

Additionally, now you can rotate any grid by 90 or 1 degree increments by holding down CTRL for 90 degree or ALT for 1 degree



  • revised tutorial 1
  • fixed issues with O2 not refilling correctly
  • fixed crash when loading/exiting the game
  • fixed massive sim speed drop when locking Landing Gear on a ship near asteroid
  • fixed Cryo Chamber showing 'Horizon and altitude'
  • fixed Jump drive tunnel effect displayed even after exiting jumping ship
  • fixed Jump drive doesn't work for min value jump (5 km) when your ship is moving
  • fixed OK button in scenario screen grayed out incorrectly
  • fixed Cryo Chamber screen not showing correctly
  • fixed small Oxygen Tank having the same volume as large one
  • added community creator of exploration content Dorian Flores to credits

Update 01.104.011 (10/16/2015)