Update 01.107

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With this week’s update we are implementing a feature that enables building directly from the cockpit, a new admin toolset that empowers server admins to better manage their games, and some more bug fixes. The Space Master (accessed by pressing ALT+F10) empowers server admins to better maintain their servers or to enforce the server rules and create a game environment on the fly (think Dungeon Master). It enables them to teleport where they want, spectate in worlds with a disabled spectator, setup custom trash removal, or manually cycle through ships, stations and characters and then have them deleted, de-powered or stopped. Please bear in mind that this is the first iteration and many more things will be added within the upcoming updates. Another great new feature is the Construction cockpit that allows you to place new blocks in the exact same ways as you were used to but from the comfort of your small or large ship (by pressing CTRL+G while in cockpit). To be able to build from inside the cockpit you need to have conveyors feeding you the materials directly to the cockpit. You can also use the materials from your character's inventory. Building from cockpit has two modes of usage: “building” just for placing blocks and “classic” where you can use actions like wielding, grinding etc. You can not use the remote control for building from the cockpit.



Update 01.107.008 (11/06/2015)

  • fixed refineries not working
  • fixed crash when joining DS, while pasting
  • fixed crash in hydrogen system
  • fixed crash in oxygen system
  • fixed crash with landing gears
  • fixed backpacks not respawning