Update 01.113

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17 Dec 2015


Atmospheric thrusters have a brand new animation in this week’s update. They are spinning correctly based on the trust applied. From now on you can also use this for modding. We also focused on fixing bugs, for example making sure that pirate drones are not flying away, fixing simulation speed slowdown when drilling and stabilizing the code.



  • fixed description of projector in control panel is overlaping
  • fixed pirate drones are not flying away without guns
  • fixed simcspeed slowdown when drilling
  • fixed crash when grinding jumpdrive
  • fixed stones having no physics
  • fixed crash when when welding
  • fixed crash when reloading world with mods
  • fixed autopilot not working

Update 01.113.011 (18/12/2015)

  • fixed memory leak with landing gears
  • fixed ejector having no sound
  • fixed crash when detonating warheads
  • fixed server killing players when sim speed is low
  • fixed oxygen tank lights not shining