Update 01.115

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31 Dec 2015


After 53 weekly updates we have come to the end of the 2015! Thanks for the ride and Happy New Year, Engineers! Hope you are ready for one more. The howling of a beast comes to Space Engineers in this latest update. This beast roams the lands of the Earth-like planet, stalks their prey and then attacks when you are busy repairing your base. Cyberhound is a predator with laser eyes and a nasty trick up its sleeve to use as a last resort. They also contain some loot that you can collect after you manage to terminate them. For those of you who are dedicated to hardcore realism, the Cyberhound is an optional character - you can always turn it off from the main menu and enjoy the survival mode without any NPCs (this option is temporarily disabled – it will be enabled within the next few days).

And on the surfaces of the Earth-like and Alien planets you can watch the dance of the fireflies during the night. Just pay attention to the trees around you. Fireflies are a purely cosmetic addition to the biomes.


- Cyberhounds - Fireflies


- Fixed crash when joining dedicated server

Update: 01.115.06 (1/01/2016)

added options to disable spawning of spiders and cyberhounds for old saves spiders will spawn if your environment hostility is not safe, cyberhounds aren't spawning by default in any old world. In new worlds you need to enable them in advanced menu. (both spiders and cyberhounds)