Update 01.116

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7 Jan 2016


Greetings Engineers and Happy New Year! In this week's update we are introducing the ability to modify the medical room and also providing a few example mods for characters and medical rooms to show the new and old possibilities. For example you can disable / enable respawning on medical room, disable / enable healing and refueling, disable / enable suit changing or restrict which models you can change into for a specific medical room. This makes it possible to create scenarios where each faction’s medical room would spawn specific models for it, for example aliens vs robots. Or you will be able to create an upgraded medical room that spawns suits with more health points. Below you can find some example mods that we have created for you.


  • medical room modding support
  • example mod for medical room
  • example mod for character suits (different attributes)

Example Mods


  • fixed crash with rotors
  • fixed crash when detonating warheads
  • fixed sensor range visibility is bad in Dx11
  • fixed random crash when launching the game
  • fixed mods not working for planets

Update 011 (8/01/2016)

  • fixed inventories not working