Update 01.120

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4 Fed 2016


This week’s update is introducing highlights to the game to help you identify the interactive objects in the game world. Highlights are applied to all floating objects for now, and in the future they will be visible on all interactive objects, including blocks. We also made browsing the blueprints work faster by showing you all the items as a list with thumbnails. Instead of waiting to load details about all the blueprints available at once, we load details just for the blueprint you choose to make the selection faster. We resolved the issue with crashes caused by using custom skins. But be careful as your character may die due to lack of oxygen until this custom skin has been fixed by its creator. A guide how to fix custom skins can be found here: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/character-skins-crashing-after-01-118.7378645/ We fixed the issue with oxygen levels being reset to zero in a room by grinding or making any small change inside. We also fixed the inertia dampeners, so ships can hover over planets and not slowly fall toward the surface anymore. And we tweaked the controls scheme a bit. Hot keys are now accessible via the Control Key. From now on the CTRL key has only this function now, so it may take couple of minutes to get used to.


  • Highlights on floating objects
  • Faster blueprints loading
  • changed controls scheme


  • added 'F' to perform various actions (same as K always did); you have to reset controls to default in order to have this new functionality.
  • added new sound for picking up objects and moving them between inventories
  • increased limit for FPS in the game to 120 FPS
  • fixed oxygen gets zeroed when building a block, building/grinding
  • fixed inertia dampeners not working on planet
  • fixed some of the lags on alien planet
  • fixed music volume too loud
  • fixed some minor problems with particles (electrical effect)
  • fixed when you control turret you see building cockpit
  • fixed electrical damage sound not hearable
  • fixed rotor has multiple lines preventing the current angle from being seen
  • fixed world description not saving when creating a new world
  • fixed spider blood particle missing
  • fixed player killed when getting out of cockpit on planetary lander
  • fixed batteries not turned off when 'Y' was pressed

Update 010 (5/02/2016)

  • fixed crash with electricity
  • fixed crash with inventories
  • fixed crash with oxygen tanks
  • fixed crash with planet loading
  • fixed crash with sound
  • fixed crash when grinding
  • fixed crash with rotors