Update 01.124

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3 March 2016


This week’s update is introducing an important feature to rotors and pistons. Just like pistons have been doing for a while, rotors now also lock by default at around 100m/s. We've also added the ability to manually choose the speed at which pistons and rotors lock as well a safety lock override checkbox. A new audio distance (echo) system has been implemented into our engine this week which means the volume of sound effects will change depending on your distance from the sound source. Some changes regarding ownership when building in space master have been made. When building with creative mode tools enabled in space master, the ownership of any block that you place will automatically be assigned to you. New rifle sounds have been added which will help you to identify the different variants. Lastly, we are releasing a new texture modding tool which is designed to help modders create game-ready textures. A guide for the new tool can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635927143



  • fixed memory leak in audio
  • fixed active mods not able to be sorted alphabetically
  • fixed new small/large ship gear does not stick anymore
  • fixed small ship gyro override extremely slow
  • fixed timer not working when rejoining the server
  • fixed items disappearing on lagged server
  • fixed Solar Panels not recharging batteries on DS
  • fixed weird deformation of armor that allowed looking through it
  • fixed character farting when running on alien planet
  • fixed cryo chamber not remembering camera
  • fixed disappearing grids on server
  • fixed mods causing problems in offline world
  • fixed toolbar switching not working correctly
  • fixed 3rd person and 1st person camera not switching correctly
  • fixed player loses 29 ammo after re-equipping rifle on DS
  • fixed refinery does not process input queue in order
  • fixed Timer Block DS emissivity when rejoining
  • fixed sound of turrets and door is cut too early
  • fixed incorrect recalculation of items on servers
  • fixed light turns off after enter and exit cryochamber
  • fixed physics is broken when locking scrap metal on landing gear
  • fixed sound of cryochamber playing when it should not
  • fixed spotlights blinking
  • added more oxygen sounds
  • removed the ownership message when first joining the DS
  • doubled the capacity of small grid Hydrogen Tank