Update 01.125

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10 March 2016


This week brings a new and updated character model into the game featuring an animated visor and PBR textures. This also brings more modding possibilities for your custom characters, so check out the helmet animation modding guide below. Other small features include pulsing highlights and new ambient sounds which create a better atmosphere in the game. Also, we fixed the freezing/crashing caused by mining on dedicated servers. Multiplayer optimizations continue with more blocks being rewritten in the new multiplayer code.



  • fixed mining freezing/crashing the whole server
  • fixed crash when Gatling gun is destroyed
  • fixed crash when drilling
  • fixed crash when starting the game
  • fixed mining not possible on some asteroids
  • fixed updating of workshop items
  • fixed too many sounds playing together
  • fixed helmet lights are behind character
  • fixed unable to pick up objects
  • fixed turret sound playing several times, instead of just once
  • fixed too opulent logs (removed unnecessary information that were fill up the log file)