Update 01.133

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5 May 2016


This week we are adding collision/impact sounds for all metal objects - tools, components and ships. The final sound is dependent on the mass of the objects. Heavier items produce louder and more bassy sounds. Also, music is now divided into different categories (space, planet, building, fighting etc) and played according to the current game situation e.g. building theme when building, fighting theme when fighting. Connectors should be much more stable after today's update as we have introduced something that we call "connector welding". They now function similar to landing gears where two ships connecting together will become one physical object. Finally, weapon spread has been added to the game.


From Update 01.133 on, the game will need Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 to run. All dedicated server admins should update their .NET installations. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49981 If you are a regular player (and not a server admin) you do not need to worry. Steam will update .NET for you. Thanks for your understanding!


  • new collision sounds
  • contextual music
  • connector safety lock
  • added ship weapons spread


  • fixed unstable connectors (first iteration)
  • fixed rotor/piston top part is locked to the station even when it should not
  • fixed ship sounds too loud
  • fixed camera switching when it should not
  • fixed camera getting into head during animations
  • fixed sound of switching to builder mode is playing twice
  • fixed reactor accepting things that are not uranium
  • fixed drilling on DS is pretty hard
  • fixed no ore generated when drilling in short bursts in Tutorial 5
  • fixed look around not working in first person
  • fixed slope construction models
  • fixed suspension wheel construction models differ from final model
  • fixed typing 'H' in chat shows/hides HUD markers
  • fixed LCD screens not updating until switch off and on
  • fixed voxel hand setting is not working
  • fixed connectors sometimes fall off even after getting locked