Update 01.135

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19 May 2016


Summary This week's update brings you several improvements for modders that we've merged from our community on GitHub, plus more bugfixes. From Tyrsis we have production API changes and terminal changes, so modders can now create their own terminal interfaces such as buttons, sliders, etc. Another addition is Malware's Ship Data update and remote control fixes that makes Coop mode work when a conveyor block (or any block that doesn't have an owner) is between the master and slave assemblers. And last but not least, we have Rexxar's projector ModAPI changes which have added more ModAPI interface to the projection API. Our GitHub source code has also been updated. Many thanks to our entire community for helping us develop the game and raise the bar for modding possibilities. We're simply in awe of all the mods and creations you guys publish on the Workshop :)


  • modders can now create their own terminal interfaces (by Tyrsis)
  • production API changes (by Tyrsis)
  • projector ModAPI changes (by Rexxar)
  • added ship mass, velocity and gravity information to IMyShipController (by Malware)
  • source code on GitHub updated to current version


  • remote control fixes by (Malware)
  • fixed issue with welders repairing themselves
  • fixed switching colors even when bar is not visible
  • fixed faction tags GUI spacing
  • fixed the infamous rotor gap
  • fixed HUD markers being distorted after restart on triple monitor resolution
  • fixed issues with rolling ships while holding ALT
  • fixed incorrect damage from rockets
  • fixed crash when loading into a scenario
  • fixed mass of welded ships being broken on grid modification
  • fixed issues with basic tutorial 1
  • fixed various soundblock issues

Update 01.135.???

  • fixed crash when loading animations
  • fixed crash on connectors
  • fixed crash on HUD notifications