Update 01.136

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26 May 2016


In this week's update, we're bringing you lots of bug fixes and improvements. The biggest fix is for ship toolbars - they're now synchronized between the server and the clients, so you'll no longer lose your configurations when you rejoin a server. Also, you will correctly see any modifications made to a toolbar by other players. We've also improved the 3rd person camera, which now acts differently based on whether you are in a ship or station control seat. Because of these changes, the 3rd person camera should now be much easier to control. It's also easier to merge stations when using copy and paste. A number of issues that caused crashes have been resolved, and we fixed character animations being out of sync on multiplayer servers.


  • fixed jump not animating on other clients
  • fixed merging of stations
  • fixed horizon options in cockpits
  • fixed thrusters not being disabled in cockpit
  • fixed camera behavior after leaving cockpit
  • fixed desync of character animation
  • fixed camera resetting when rotating in 3rd person
  • fixed running actions on powered off programmable block.
  • fixed issues with switching camera
  • fixed crashes when merging pistons
  • fixed different toolbar behavior with server/client

Update 01.0136.005

  • fixed crash when playing music
  • fixed crash in volume settings
  • fixed crash with modded blocks
  • fixed issue with projected blocks looking complete