Update 01.144 DEV

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This week’s update brings some animation improvements as well as more bug fixes. We are adding inverse kinematics that support the new animation system applied to all characters and fauna. This prevents feet from clipping through the terrain in most situations. We’ve also created a new idle animation for sabiroids. Lastly, character tool and weapon movements have been smoothed out and their positions have been improved. Bugs fixed this week include block building groups not remembering the last selected variant, and blocks not remembering their last selected orientation. This should ensure that the new building system is significantly more time efficient.


  • inverse kinematics for all characters and fauna
  • improvements to character tool/weapon movement and position
  • added new idle sabiroid animation


  • fixed lag when placing blocks
  • fixed projectors not loading blueprints in survival
  • blocks in groups now remember last orientation used
  • search in G-menu will find all hidden blocks now
  • groups now remember the last selected block
  • tweaked inverse kinematics for character in 1st person
  • fixed grids list button being unclickable in terminal
  • fixed character standing in cockpit after victory animation
  • fixed entering cockpit while falling and exiting it
  • fixed spider attack animation being too fast
  • fixed rifle can't use more than 1 type of ammo
  • fixed logging issues from SharpDX
  • fixed Sorter draining all bouncing items in wrong direction
  • fixed player position being under Cryochamber when actually inside
  • fixed server rank desync
  • fixed impossibility of camera rotation in front of hangar doors
  • fixed rotor speed not coming back to zero at right click
  • fixed stucked camera automatic zoom

Update 144.005 Dev