Update 01.152

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Hey there, Engineers! Today's update brings you a round of bug fixes and improvements. One of the major improvements this week was to the placement of asteroids. In previous versions, asteroids were spawned quite far away from planets in prefab worlds. They can now spawn at the very edge of a planet’s gravity well. This improvement should improve planetary survival gameplay. The main area of fixes is to the realistic sound mode implemented last week. Most notably, a crash that many users experienced when using modded cockpits has been fixed. Other bugs fixed this week include transparency issues with ghostblocks and g-screen issues with modded blocks. Also we have more info about future ModAPI changes for all the modders: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/modapi-changes.7387237/


  • bugfixes


  • fixed crash with sound at load
  • improved Sabroid behavior on grids
  • fixed transparency of ghostblocks
  • fixed survival building distance for small grid
  • fixed Meteors coming from below the planet or the center
  • fixed converting grid to dynamic, when deleting block touching voxel
  • fixed issues with grid not switching to dynamic when disconnected
  • fixed G-screen issues with modded blocks
  • changed the distance that asteroids spawn in star system
  • fixed minor spelling mistakes in game options
  • fixed issue where Modded/unknown blocks pasted themselves as gatlings
  • removed extra curved conveyor tube in G-screen
  • fixed few particle effects
  • fixed issues with hydrogen tank producing hydrogen from nothing