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Hello Engineers! This week’s update is mainly about bug fixes and improvements, some ModAPI changes, and there is also an update for stable branch. The update to the stable branch contains features like chat history, backup saves, improved meteors and the block rotation animation, taking it to version 1.149. You can also enjoy a sneak peak at our process of redesigning block models - we can’t wait to see how the game will look once all blocks have been redone! This patch also brings more ModAPI changes - many thanks to Rexxar, Phoenix84 and Malware for all of their hard work! You can get all the details here: http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/modapi-changes.7387237/


  • more ModAPI changes
  • Github source code updated to 01.153


  • improved pasting/copying of rotors
  • improved performance (freeze) when using paint tool
  • fixed rifle animation when cycling through inventory while scoped in
  • fixed particle freeze on tools
  • fixed the System.NullReferenceException with 3DSoundEmitter crash (Part 2)
  • fixed that paint menu may be opened without holding a block
  • fixed see through inv. corner armor block
  • fixed issue where pasting ship into voxel made the second copy static
  • fixed old saves or mods trying to call the "Cyberhound" line of code and crashing
  • fixed sliding door not opening but being able to walk through them
  • fixed Cargo ship spawning more than 3 times within one minute issue
  • fixed crash with small LCD panel
  • fixed issue with yellow "dummy" triangles
  • fixed large atmospheric thrusters displaying 0% power usage when this was not the case
  • fixed issue where you would hear choking sounds even when O2 was disabled
  • fixed Null.Reference crash with DS when loading mods