Update 01.154

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Hello Engineers! Today's update brings more important bug fixes and improvements - configurable block limits & performance warnings were added to the game, primarily to help server admins maintain their servers more easily. These limits can be set up in the server configurator for dedicated servers, or in world settings for singleplayer and multiplayer. Another addition is improved NPC pathfinding for wolves and sabiroids. We’ve also got another Dev diary - this time we are revealing the upcoming visual scripting tool. One of our level designers, Jochem, will try to show you how designers are utilizing this new tool. We have no doubts that our community will be able to create some amazing scenarios when the visual scripting releases. In the meantime, our designers will continue to help improve the tool by requesting new features and reporting issues.



  • improved camera tilting and moving with astronaut
  • improved issue with camera yaw changing when swapping between spectator and first person camera
  • improved fire particles
  • fixed rifle scoped in bug where you would stay scoped in with tools after using the rifle
  • fixed blueprints sometimes switching between two places for no reason
  • fixed decal on damaged medical stations
  • removed un-ended lines in dedicated server log
  • removed Armor Slope that was displayed twice in G-Screen
  • removed Conveyor Tube that was displayed twice in G-Screen
  • fixed issue with realistic warhead sound not being played
  • fixed air tight hangar door sound in depreressurized mode
  • fixed collision sounds in realistic mode with ships and grids crashing into voxel

Hotfixes Development version 1.154.004

  • Fixed an audio loop leak that led to computer shutting down
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash after editing the block type in the configuration for a dedicated server to something other than a valid option
  • Fixed a log crash that occurred after closing the game
  • Fixed sound related crash
  • Fixed Performance Warnings performance issue