Update 01.155

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Hello Engineers! Today's update brings another batch of bug fixes and improvements. We have re-enabled the station voxel support option. Once again you can find this option in the advanced world settings although it has now been renamed as "unsupported stations". By enabling this option, grids will no longer become dynamic when disconnected from static grids. Bugs fixed this week include sensors not detecting large grids, rocks on planets only containing iron and issues when crashing a ship while looking through a camera. That’s all for now, but rest assured that work continues on the multiplayer and optimizing the game, as we are aware of the everyday issues that players face.


  • bugfixes


  • fixed DS server crash related to MyEntityInventoryStateGroup in code
  • reintroduced station voxel support option ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • resolved/Deleted old sound file so they do not appear in the log
  • improved steering with planetary lander
  • fixed issue where sensor would not detect large grid
  • fixed issue when crashing ship while using the camera view
  • fixed error message "No Fuel" appearing when no reactor was present on grid
  • fixed issue where ships would not fall if their dampeners,thrusters or power was turned off
  • fixed issue with see-through Heavy armor round corner
  • removed Conveyor junction displayed twice in G-Screen
  • fixed issue with copy/pasted station on planet staying static until you removed a block
  • fixed issue with News windows scroll bar not working properly
  • fixed issues with PB block that could be used to crash servers or game
  • fixed damage decals and particles on med bay station
  • fixed issue with rocks on planets only spawning Iron Ore

Hotfixes Development version 1.155.003

  • Fixed memory leak introduced in 154
  • Fixed crash with merge blocks
  • Fixed crash with mods with materials without definition
  • Fixed rare crash when removing connectivity from blocks