Update 01.156

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Hello Engineers! This week’s update brings you more parallelization improvements. Grid loading is now processed asynchronously, which translates into less freezing when copying/pasting grids and while spawning cargo ships and drones. It also significantly reduces load times. As a small tweak to weapon balancing, we’ve added a short reload time to automated Gatling turrets so they will not fire continuously, but rather reload after 140 rounds. Bugs fixed this week include sliding doors and normal doors not being able to be grouped together, first person perspective clipping when using rifles, and jetpacks deactivating when reloading a world in a cockpit. Lastly, all duplicates in the G-Screen should be cleaned up.


  • Parallelization (Loading of grids is now processed asynchronously. This translates into less freezing during copying & pasting grids or during spawning of cargo ships, drones and using blueprints. It also significantly reduces loading times.)
  • GitHub source code updated


  • added reload time to automated Gatling turrets.
  • cleaned up the G-Screen by removing duplicates
  • fixed sliding door and door cannot be grouped
  • fixed the rendering issue when copying grid and being in bounding box of pasted grid
  • fixed rifle clipping
  • fixed collision detection problem for refinery build models
  • fixed atmospheric thrusters creating a fake mounting point
  • fixed jetpack deactivating when reloading game in-cockpit
  • fixed FOV issues when deleting a jump-driving ship
  • fixed drill disappearing in survival
  • fixed connectors not connecting to each other
  • fixed myMechanicalConnectionBlockBase issues
  • fixed rebinding "Hold to look around" to another key disabling camera zoom
  • fixed despawning of looted wolves closing any open inventory screen
  • fixed missile turrets aiming (damaging nearby grids or trying to shoot through grids)
  • fixed max. building boundaries not being shown after CTRL+V
  • fixed damaged beacon particles staying at original spot
  • fixed window on cockpit detaching after removing block from same grid
  • fixed decal related crash in heavily modded worlds

Hotfixes Development version 1.156.005

  • Fixes to Parallelization related crashes

Hotfixes Development version 1.156.006

  • Fixed issues with world corrupt files and crashes related Parallelization