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Hello Engineers! This week we are releasing the visual scripting tool which also comes with some other improvements that should help all the Keen mission and scenario creators out there. For a steam guide continue here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779965489 There’s also a short example mission to help you learn and for you to use as inspiration. This tool opens up a lot of possibilities, even allowing you to create your own campaigns with multiple missions. We look forward to seeing what the community comes up with and we’ll be running a competition in the near future, so get designing!

You may notice that the main menu is now organized differently. At the top, there is a continue game option which will resume your last loaded world. Below that, you have a missions button. By clicking on this you can access the official example mission. Expect workshop support for missions and scenarios in the coming weeks. When that support comes, you will be able to find subscribed missions in the same screen. We’ve added directory structure support for the load world page. This can currently only be utilized out of game using Windows explorer. Although backups can now be accessed directly in game with the new backups button on the left side of the page. To access subscribed worlds via the steam workshop, click the workshop button, which is also located on the left side of the page. Finally you can find the regular new world screen by clicking on custom game.

An explosive change we’ve made this week is that certain functional blocks will now explode when destroyed. You will see the biggest explosion upon the destruction of a large grid Large Reactor, large grid Hydrogen Tank and Jump Drive. Please note, that this is currently only a visual effect and these explosions do not cause damage to surrounding blocks. This change should make battles and crashing ships even more exciting. Some other improvements include a larger max voxel tool size (which can now be set up to 100 blocks instead of 10) and the ability to select a default camera in a remote control block. This means that when you first take control of a grid via a remote control block, you can have it automatically go into the specified camera’s view. Lastly, there’s an update for the stable branch today which contains features like the realistic sound mode and improvements to the renderer and ModAPI taking it to version 01.153.


  • Visual Scripting (Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779965489 )
  • Physics improvements
  • Main menu redesign
  • Larger max voxel tool size (creative)
  • Added explosion visual effect after destruction of certain blocks
  • Ability to select a default camera in a remote control block
  • Particle effects improvements


  • added rotation and tracking to spectator camera so that it can be used for easier video shooting
  • fixed particle testing tool, particle editor
  • fixed crash with remote control when removing gps coordinates
  • fixed crash ArgumentOutOfRangeException at MyGridClipboard.AlignRotationToCoordSys
  • fixed crash at VRageRender.MyScreenDecals.AddDecal
  • fixed crash 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in HavokWrapper.dll
  • fixed changing Interior Light radius moving the reflection
  • fixed an increase in GC memory by 2GB due to cargo ship spawn followed by freeze
  • fixed modded character stats updating on respawn
  • fixed bottom of the Passage Block having no mountpoint
  • fixed start system drill not being equipped properly
  • fixed griefing issue with PB block
  • fixed 3rd person camera after loading game and exiting cockpit
  • fixed issue with sound of blocks being placed heard by other players regardless of distance
  • removed sound of suffocating for creative
  • fixed sound of not enough powered production blocks
  • fixed Procedural Asteroids not spawning any Ice
  • fixed particles after explosion staying too long

Hotfixes - 157.004

  • Added "Enable Echo" button in sound options, for players experiencing distortions in audio
  • Fixed issue with players having no audio in-game
  • Fixed crash related to pistons
  • Fixed conveyor disappearing after welding