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New Stable branch has been released!


  • Visual Scripting (Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779965489 )
  • Physics improvements
  • Main menu redesign
  • Larger max voxel tool size (creative)
  • Added explosion visual effect after destruction of certain blocks
  • Ability to select a default camera in a remote control block
  • Particle effects improvements
  • Parallelization (Loading of grids is now processed asynchronously. This translates into less freezing during copying & pasting grids or during spawning of cargo ships, drones and using blueprints. It also significantly reduces loading times.)
  • Configurable block limits & Performance warnings (Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767867448 )
  • New NPC (Sabiroids and wolves) Pathfinding system (using Recast&Detour)


  • added rotation and tracking to spectator camera so that it can be used for easier video shooting
  • fixed particle testing tool, particle editor
  • fixed crash with remote control when removing gps coordinates
  • fixed crash ArgumentOutOfRangeException at MyGridClipboard.AlignRotationToCoordSys
  • fixed crash at VRageRender.MyScreenDecals.AddDecal
  • fixed crash 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in HavokWrapper.dll
  • fixed changing Interior Light radius moving the reflection
  • fixed an increase in GC memory by 2GB due to cargo ship spawn followed by freeze
  • fixed modded character stats updating on respawn
  • fixed bottom of the Passage Block having no mountpoint
  • fixed start system drill not being equipped properly
  • fixed griefing issue with PB block
  • fixed 3rd person camera after loading game and exiting cockpit
  • fixed issue with sound of blocks being placed heard by other players regardless of distance
  • removed sound of suffocating for creative
  • fixed sound of not enough powered production blocks
  • fixed Procedural Asteroids not spawning any Ice
  • fixed particles after explosion staying too long
  • added "Enable Echo" button in sound options, for players experiencing distortions in audio
  • fixed issue with players having no audio in-game
  • fixed crash related to pistons
  • fixed conveyor disappearing after welding
  • added reload time to automated Gatling turrets.
  • cleaned up the G-Screen by removing duplicates
  • fixed sliding door and door cannot be grouped
  • fixed the rendering issue when copying grid and being in bounding box of pasted grid
  • fixed rifle clipping
  • fixed collision detection problem for refinery build models
  • fixed atmospheric thrusters creating a fake mounting point
  • fixed jetpack deactivating when reloading game in-cockpit
  • fixed FOV issues when deleting a jump-driving ship
  • fixed drill disappearing in survival
  • fixed connectors not connecting to each other
  • fixed myMechanicalConnectionBlockBase issues
  • fixed rebinding "Hold to look around" to another key disabling camera zoom
  • fixed despawning of looted wolves closing any open inventory screen
  • fixed missile turrets aiming (damaging nearby grids or trying to shoot through grids)
  • fixed max. building boundaries not being shown after CTRL+V
  • fixed damaged beacon particles staying at original spot
  • fixed window on cockpit detaching after removing block from same grid
  • fixed decal related crash in heavily modded worlds
  • fixes to Parallelization related crashes
  • fixed issues with world corrupt files and crashes related Parallelization
  • improved camera tilting and moving with astronaut
  • improved issue with camera yaw changing when swapping between spectator and first person camera
  • improved fire particles
  • fixed rifle scoped in bug where you would stay scoped in with tools after using the rifle
  • fixed blueprints sometimes switching between two places for no reason
  • fixed decal on damaged medical stations
  • removed un-ended lines in dedicated server log
  • removed Armor Slope that was displayed twice in G-Screen
  • removed Conveyor Tube that was displayed twice in G-Screen
  • fixed issue with realistic warhead sound not being played
  • fixed air tight hangar door sound in depressurized mode
  • fixed collision sounds in realistic mode with ships and grids crashing into voxel
  • fixed an audio loop leak that led to computer shutting down
  • fixed a bug that caused a crash after editing the block type in the configuration for a dedicated server to something other than a valid option
  • fixed a log crash that occurred after closing the game
  • fixed sound related crash
  • fixed Performance Warnings performance issue
  • fixed DS server crash related to MyEntityInventoryStateGroup in code
  • reintroduced station voxel support option
  • resolved/Deleted old sound file so they do not appear in the log
  • improved steering with planetary lander
  • fixed issue where sensor would not detect large grid
  • fixed issue when crashing ship while using the camera view
  • fixed error message "No Fuel" appearing when no reactor was present on grid
  • fixed issue where ships would not fall if their dampeners, thrusters or power was turned off
  • fixed issue with see-through Heavy armor round corner
  • removed Conveyor junction displayed twice in G-Screen
  • fixed issue with copy/pasted station on planet staying static until you removed a block
  • fixed issue with News windows scroll bar not working properly
  • fixed issues with PB block that could be used to crash servers or game
  • fixed damage decals and particles on med bay station
  • fixed issue with rocks on planets only spawning Iron Ore
  • fixed memory leak introduced in 154
  • fixed crash with merge blocks
  • fixed crash with mods with materials without definition
  • fixed rare crash when removing connectivity from blocks

Hotfixes version 1.157.011

  • Fixed 7 crashes
  • Fixed asteroids being far away in "Asteroids" scenario
  • Increased max number of characters allowed for LCD * 100000

Hotfixes 157.012

  • Fixed pasting blueprints in Creative
  • Fixed audio crash
  • Fixed 2 parallelization crashes

Hotfixes 157.013

  • Fixed can't paste blueprint on a dedicated server in survival mode with space master
  • Fixed crash when generating crater
  • Fixed crash on exiting control panel