Update 01.160

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Hello Engineers! This week’s update contains a good amount of bugfixes. We fixed numerous crashes related to parallelization and other bugs fixed this week include ships with hydrogen thrusters slowly losing altitude, gatling turrets being unable to target anything directly above them and respawn ships spawning outside world limits. We are happy announce that we will be adding Arindel’s corner lights and corner lcds to the vanilla game. These blocks are very nice indeed and should be releasing in the next couple of weeks. Check them out now via the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=530693136 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611420971

We also give you a small sneak-peak into our improved drone AI which is being worked on at the moment - for example, drones can now strafe, use static weaponry and ship tools and target different grids/blocks/players. For now, this behaviour can only be activated and configured using visual scripting. In the future, we plan to have all drones, cargo ships and pirates in the game using this behaviour. You will also be able to mod your own behaviours. Using the visual scripting tool, you can have drones perform different tasks and follow waypoints when needed allowing them to navigate tight spaces. These are just some of the many possibilities that scenario creators will have at their disposal, so check out the update video!


  • bugfixes


  • fixed issue with ship pasted into voxels not turning into station
  • fixed issue with procedural asteroids not rendering correctly
  • fixed issue where you are unable to pick up objects in between doors
  • fixed not being able to place text panel on the tip of the armor slope
  • fixed issue where you were unable to place voxels over projections
  • fixed issue which caused the local area grid bound to disappear
  • fixed issue where pillar could be attached to armor slope block from the side
  • fixed issue with ship Grinder/Welder blocks range
  • fixed issue with Hydrogen Thrusters being added to ships and making them lose altitude in gravity
  • fixed issue with warping sounds with large number of ship Grinders/Welders
  • fixed issue with respawn ships appearing outside of world size limits
  • fixed issue with ships spawning without a physical presence in worlds
  • fixed issue with wheels not behaving properly when used in the Visual Scripting tool
  • fixed issue where tools continued running even when entering into the menu (Sorry but we are going implement a shortcut in the future for this :D )
  • fixed issue where blocks with "+" reverting to default block when changing grid size
  • fixed issues where asteroids were not present in "Asteroid" scenario or spawned too far away
  • fixed issue with projections casting shadows
  • fixed issue with crosshair appearing when going into spectator mode while still in the cockpit
  • fixed issue with thrusters acting dead (turned off) when locked to a grid with a landing gear
  • fixed issue where players could change in to a space wolf while on survival using the med bay
  • fixed crash at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException
  • removed error message for 3D export function (ctrl+alt+e shortcut)
  • fixed space ball air tightness issue (no longer airtight)
  • fixed issue with cargo ships not despawning

Hotfixes 160.005

  • fixed issue with explosions appearing pixelated and with squares on edges
  • Rotors had their negative limits re-added ( Sorry for the blueprint issues that this may have/will cause)