Update 01.161

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Hello Engineers! With this week’s update, we are adding support for modding fonts in Space Engineers. We are also adding a new font into the vanilla game. This is a monospace font recently made into a local mod by Krypt, so many thanks to all the modders! If you access an LCD panel via the terminal you will now find a font selection dropdown. As another added feature - you can now use drills and grinders to cut down trees. No longer will ramming trees with ships and rovers be the only option. Also this week, we’ve added a loading wheel when you are pasting in blueprints. This should help indicate when the game is still processing an entity. The bugs fixed this week include some blocks not being welded from a projection, visual particle imperfections, issues with voxel hands and many more!



  • fixed issue where double clicking during the loading screen caused a crash
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.MultiplyBlockSkeleton
  • fixed crash when pasting planet too close to yourself on a dedicated server
  • fixed issue with certain blocks not being welded by the ship welder when using projector
  • fixed issue with ThrustMultiplier property being disregarded in ModAPI.IMyThrust
  • fixed issue where you are unable to control turrets from control panels on DS upon a character death
  • fixed issue with pasted grids aligning themselves to grids locked with landing gear rather than grid being aimed at
  • fixed issue where sound alert 2 was not working in visual scripting
  • fixed issue where in the G-screen you were unable to grab the scrollbar with your mouse
  • fixed issue with mirror mode planes causing a strobe effect when placed at the edge of grids
  • fixed issue where particle effect while flying through space was not visible
  • fixed issue where gatling guns were unable to target missiles (by slowing them down)
  • fixed issue that 1x1 Window Inv is not part of the 1x1 Window face group
  • fixed issue where the "red box" appeared when using the voxel hand tool in 1st person
  • fixed issue with ctrl+scroll not working when using the voxel hand tool
  • fixed issue with strafing and rolling while using the AZERTY keyboard (Hon hon hon!)
  • fixed issue where moving your mouse during pause would shift your POV regardless
  • fixed particle effect from bullet impact being too big and having too many sparks
  • fixed some more the hard edgings on explosions
  • fixed issue where snow particles from running were brighter than the snow on the ground
  • fixed the ugly muzzle smoke from the rifle when firing

Hotfixes version 1.161.005

  • Fixed crash during launch when there is no audio device
  • Fixed 2 crashes related to Customizable Fonts
  • Fixed render crash