Update 01.162

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Hello Engineers! In today’s update, we are adding Steam achievements for Space Engineers. They already cover a pretty wide range of activities so get hunting - but we also have the ability to add more in the future as the game develops further. You can now use double mouse click to activate hand tools continuously which should come in handy for those longer survival sessions. An improvement made to sensor blocks is that you can now toggle on or off the detection of subgrids on a grid where a sensor is placed. The bugs fixed this week include button panel text only appearing for a short moment, ship dampeners seeing un-fueled hydrogen thrusters as powered and the properties of subgrids not being updated. Lastly we made some major changes to the programmable block API, including adding new raycast functionality for cameras. If you’re a scripter, you can find the guide explaining these changes here: http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/new-camera-raycast-and-sensor-api.7389290/ There will be some bigger updates over the coming weeks, including corner lights and corner LCDs and more parallelization. The redesigned blocks are even nearer to completion, as the artists are now mostly working on LODs at this point. Also, the new multiplayer prototypes are undergoing internal testing at this time and we look forward to sharing the results of this with the community.



  • fixed issue where tools would continue to run when bringing up the control panel
  • fixed issue when adding a hydrogen thruster to ship made the dampeners behave incorrectly
  • fixed issue with control panel message appearing briefly
  • fixed mirroring issue with the small grid 5x5 wheel
  • fixed issue where it was difficult to select a button on the control panel
  • fixed issue where rotor displacement would not refresh when options were changed in the control panel
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeGrid.IsAabbInsideVoxel
  • fixed crash at Game.Entities.Blocks.MyMechanicalConnectionBlockBase.BreakLinks

Hotfixes (162.005)

  • fixed pasting blueprints in Creative
  • fixed audio crash