Update 01.163

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Hello Engineers! This week’s update is bringing improvements to Space Master and the remote access screen. By opening the space master screen, you will now see a new option which allows you to set a continuous trash management interval. This means that after the set amount of time, the game will remove, stop or depower all grids that match the selected requirements. We’ve also slightly redesigned the remote access screen. It allows you to take control of a grid directly from this menu and has status indicators for each grid. These indicators will let you know if there are issues with connection, ownership or the remote control block.

And we have even more for you! Today we released 3 new multiplayer prototype builds code-named “Rock”, “Paper” and “Scissors”. These multiple versions have been created by three different teams (two internal teams and one external) with each one of them trying to solve the multiplayer employing different methodologies. Our progress is now at a state, where players can directly help us evaluate the new multiplayer prototypes. We need your help to work out which one of these three will provide the best multiplayer foundation moving forward...


  • New multiplayer prototype builds: Rock, Paper, Scissors (you will find more info in Marek's blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2016/11/space-engineers-public-multiplayer_24.html )
  • Re-worked remote access menu to be more user friendly and accessible
  • Added support for CompilationSymbols arguments in Teamcity
  • Whitelisted items (so they can be edited in scripts to avoid conflicts):


  • fixed crash Sandbox.Game.Entities.Cube.MyRefinery.ChangeRequirementsToResults
  • fixed crash SharpDX.SharpDXException
  • fixed the trash removal tool to function properly
  • fixed issue with turrets targeting meteors through grids
  • fixed issue were settings from Info tab from the control panel did not refresh even when changing save games
  • fixed camera issue where exiting it would not preserve the POV
  • fixed issue where landing gear would stay lit yellow even when turned off
  • fixed issue where you were unable to paste when in Creative mode if you are not a admin
  • fixed issue where on survival the transparent build preview when using "Lines" or "Grids" would not show
  • fixed arm animations when holding gun in and viewing your character in 3rd person
  • fixed issue where dying made you look into the center of the planet (very uncomfortable bright flashing colors)
  • fixed issue with accuracy on guns not syncing up with the crosshair
  • fixed minor issue where going into the menu gave you a slight upward boos when flying with jetpack
  • fixed minor issue where interior turrets would remain collapsed when welding