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Hello, Engineers! Our programmers kept droning over the holidays so we can have fresh update full of bugfixes and improvements for you. Over the last week, the team has been chasing down more bugs. One of which is the mysterious black screen issue which is due to scaling on Windows 10. It’s not limited to Space Engineers either and appears to be happening with other Steam games. We have posted a workaround for it on our forums and hope that it will properly resolved soon. There were also some significant crashes fixed. The bug reports that you’ve been sending in have helped us massively so please continue doing this whenever you come across issues. It really does speed up the process of bug fixing. You can click the button in the main menu which will take you directly to the bug report forums. Alternatively, you can type: www.praiseclang.com into the internet browser of your choice. In the new year we plan to address the overall survival gameplay experience and the HUD among other things.


  • Bug fixes


  • If you are experiencing black screen issues, please check this guide: http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/anyone-with-black-screen-update-look-here.7391186/
  • added ShipController Movement Indicators to PB API
  • fixed crash with Planet.Init
  • fixed issue with invisible grids
  • fixed crashed when grinding down merge block
  • fixed issue with ships ignoring collision when using a connector
  • fixed issue with solar panel textures
  • fixed issue with landing gears on dedicated servers not welding for clients
  • fixed issue and crashes with custom date from mods causing issues.
  • fixed issue where wheels would clang when placed close to each other
  • fixed issue where you were able to save campaign at any point
  • fixed issue when using merge blocks