Update 01.171

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements and tweaks for block models. For example, axles on all wheel suspension blocks have been made thicker which makes wheeled vehicles look much sturdier. There’s been changes to the air-tightness of some blocks. This includes the merge block, timer block and oxygen generator now being airtight from all sides. Also, some block icons and all component icons have been updated.

New behaviors have been added to drone AI which can be accessed via the visual scripting tool. Firstly, there's now expanded possibilities with how drones handle weapons. You can set up which weapons they can use, how often they use them and whether they check for obstacles, be it grids or voxels, before firing. For example they could be setup to not use rocket launchers unless the player is hidden behind voxels. Secondly, you can activate a new ambush behavior. This will make a drone wait until it’s actually able to shoot a target before engaging. Please continue to give feedback on the visual scripting tool as we really want to maximize it’s potential.

We're also pleased to announce that the single most requested feature for programmable blocks is here. We said it wasn't going to happen, but programmable blocks now have the ability to communicate between grids. This means you can open the hangar door from your fighter, or even trigger self destruct remotely.



  • corrected air-tight properties for merge block, timer block and oxygen generator
  • added message indicating selected block not available for a grid size
  • added an email option to the crash message window
  • updated construction models for small grid armor blocks
  • minor material change for Gravity Generator
  • fixed AI drones shooting without target in line of sight
  • fixed not being able to use cockpit for small grid from the front
  • fixed climbing invisible stairs when jumping outside of gravity well
  • fixed LCD Panel Text losing Glow when recoloring Panel
  • fixed refactor pilot attaching to cockpit
  • fixed Voxel Hand and Teleportation security for server side
  • fixed Visual Scripting Campaign issues
  • fixed being able to use handbrake while not in main cockpit

Hot Fixes 171.003

  • fixed faulty small air vent construction model
  • fixed purple textures on catwalk construction model and refinery
  • fixed issue people being unable to alt-tab when in fullscreen or fullscreen window