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Stable (Default) branch on Steam has been updated to build 01.172. Also don't forget there is a Space Engineers Deluxe Edition Bundle now: [1] Enjoy!


  • Physics engine improvements
  • Voxel performance optimizations
  • More Render Improvements
  • Drone AI improvements (weapons handling, ambush behavior)
  • Added updated icons for Automatic Rifle, Welder, Grinder and Drill
  • Updated Block/Component models + icons
  • Added new Skybox
  • Programmable Block Inter-Grid Communication; Guide: [2]
  • Small Turrets collisions changed (thanks to SEModder4 )
  • ModAPI and Programmable Block changes (massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware; go to our Modding section for more details)


  • fixed Large Grid Large Reactor had faulty conveyor doors
  • fixed GPS serialization, cut scenes in MP, Highlights in MP in Visual Scripting
  • fixed issue with small landing gear missing dummies
  • fixed issue with faulty mount points on small conveyors
  • fixed issues with campaign missions and being able to complete them
  • fixed off setting of astronaut when using jet pack animation
  • fixed issues with the Silicon voxel texture
  • fixed issues with the RocksDesert voxel texture
  • minor redesign to the Spotlight block
  • added MATERIALS in Mod SDK to fix pink texture issues for modders
  • fixed Mag boots/Auto-jetpack activation issues
  • fixed flares appearing on the same position when pasting the ship
  • fixed Landing Gear model size
  • fixed Conveyor door on Large Reactor
  • fixed missing texture on Window 1x2 Side Left
  • fixed Merge block mountpoints
  • fixed character grinding animation
  • fixed clang with camera
  • fixed wrong armor deformations
  • fixed remote control/camera POV issues
  • fixed FOV resetting when using Interior Turret
  • fixed issues with pistons extending pistons while the world is reloading
  • fixed default settings for Empty World and Rival Platforms scenarios
  • fixed Corner light and Interior light not giving up any light
  • fixed Gamepad control issues
  • fixed Interior turret shooting through door
  • fixed asteroids settings for Empty world scenario
  • fixed Corner LCD 2 rotating issues
  • fixed Small Conveyor Tubes being aligned wrong during building
  • fixed Merge Block not working within the same grid
  • fixed issues with merge blocks and flares
  • fixed odd Sabiroid behavior
  • fixed Hydrogen Thruster issues with resource sink
  • fixed changing cockpit color (pink interior)
  • fixed loading of custom worlds screens
  • fixed G screen (Small Conveyor Tube, Small Conveyor, Small Curved Conveyor Tube)
  • fixed wrong gyroscope color
  • fixed Interior Block rotation
  • fixed emmisivity for Sliding Door
  • fixed accessing control panel when conveyor is attached
  • fixed issue with corrupted world when saving in 3rd person camera
  • fixed issue with timer block not saving its settings when built from projection
  • corrected air-tight properties for merge block, timer block and oxygen generator
  • added message indicating selected block not available for a grid size
  • added an email option to the crash message window
  • updated construction models for small grid armor blocks
  • minor material change for Gravity Generator
  • fixed AI drones shooting without target in line of sight
  • fixed not being able to use cockpit for small grid from the front
  • fixed climbing invisible stairs when jumping outside of gravity well
  • fixed LCD Panel Text losing Glow when recoloring Panel
  • fixed refactor pilot attaching to cockpit
  • fixed Voxel Hand and Teleportation security for server side
  • fixed Visual Scripting Campaign issues
  • fixed being able to use handbrake while not in main cockpit
  • fixed faulty small air vent construction model
  • fixed purple textures on catwalk construction model and refinery
  • fixed issue people being unable to alt-tab when in fullscreen or fullscreen window


3.2.2017 :

  • fixed issue with camera not being able to look around in 3rd person view/1st person view
  • fixed issue where turrets would keep shooting after auto locking on target and destroying it
  • fixed issue where promoting someone required the person to reconnect so that he may used his new rights.
  • fixed desync issue with the "can use all terminals" admin tool
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyPlanet.BeforeDelete
  • fixed crash at at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyShipController.UpdateShipInfo10


9.2.2017 :

  • fixed particle effect after projectile hit
  • removed installation of Win7 platform update
  • more black screen cases fixed


  1. http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2329/
  2. http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/programmable-block-inter-grid-communication-guide.7392031/