Update 01.173

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This week’s update comes with a new Skybox for the game along with other improvements. The skybox has a 4k resolution and features spectacular nebulae and many stars. Let us know your thoughts on the new skybox in the comments below. We also added some missing inverted window variants, this includes 1x1 and 2x1 inverted diagonals. You may have noticed it already, but there’s also a new model for the assembler! Block model LODs have been getting tweaked this week which should make the transitions more natural. Dead characters, wolves and sabiroids can now be looted again in survival and we resolved issues with players being able to clip through extended pistons. Work on the new HUD is progressing steadily with programmers beginning implementation this week but most of our resources are still going into improving physics, performance and multiplayer sync. Meanwhile, artists are continuing to work on updates and tweaks for the new models.


  • Added new Skybox


  • missing windows added to the game
  • fixed floating objects velocity and falling through floor issues
  • fixed clipping through piston
  • fixed purple cockpit screens
  • LOD tweaks for Diagonal and Vertical Window, Solar Panel, Battery and Large Reactor
  • fixed overly large radius for Ship Welder
  • fixed Corner tip building stage
  • fixed issues with looting dead bodies
  • fixed Medical Room physics issues
  • fixed Suspensions Wheel control panel remaining grayed out
  • fixed wrong bullet hole decals on blocks near windows
  • fixed ugly grinding particles when grinding inside a moving/falling ship
  • fixed particle effect of meteors explosion


  • fixed issue with camera not being able to look around in 3rd person view/1st person view
  • fixed issue where turrets would keep shooting after auto locking on target and destroying it
  • fixed issue where promoting someone required the person to reconnect so that he may used his new rights.
  • fixed desync issue with the "can use all terminals" admin tool
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyPlanet.BeforeDelete
  • fixed crash at at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyShipController.UpdateShipInfo10