Update 01.176

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Hello, Engineers! To start with, let us explain what happened yesterday. We were planning on releasing the new HUD this week but due some technical complications and internal feedback, the team decided it was better to postpone this feature, giving us more time to improve and polish it before a first public release. At least now, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not too far away! Instead, we are releasing the cutscene editor today which will allow mission and scenario makers to create cutscenes from within the game. You will need to set up the triggering of cutscenes using the visual scripting tool, which is what the editor is mainly designed to be paired with. Although, it could also prove to be a useful camera tool for other content creators as there is preview button in the menu. Over the next week, we will be creating a more detailed guide for it - so stay tuned.


- Cutscene Editor (double press F11 to access it, and can only be accessed in offline mode for now)


Game changes:

  • Fixes to campaign (warheads in M3 were not working, boundary fix in M2, pausing in M2-M5)
  • Questlog is now saved (in custom scripted worlds)
  • New sounds for sound block (meant to be used mainly for drones)
  • Drones now can have specified their sound loop which will be played as long as the drone is active
  • Drones can now use weapons on subgrids

Visual Scripting changes:

  • Fixes to existing nodes (faction function nodes, arithmetic node, shared storage)
  • New function nodes (more faction nodes, entity information, inventory functions, drone related, grid statistics and some new math functions)
  • Custom research for blocks is now properly saved