Update 01.177

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update comes with some improvements to the overall game while the team continues work behind the scenes on the new HUD, performance, physics and multiplayer among other things. So to start with, a significant number of blocks, all of which are larger than 1x1x1 in size, now have improved placement behaviour. This includes medical rooms, large hydrogen thrusters, refineries, and many more. A good example of these changes is that you will now be able to place a medical room on a single armour block, this was not possible before. There will also be additional blocks with conveyor ports that will try to align with other conveyor ports when being placed. Certain elements of ship construction should be slightly faster and more intuitive thanks to these changes! Wheel suspension blocks have new default settings that will make building the average wheeled vehicle much easier. These settings can of course be adjusted to your liking as before but now wheels should be much better from the get-go. The range of ship-based welders has been increased making them massively more efficient to use again over hand welders and lastly, we resolved a couple issues related to the renderer.

In other news, there’s a group from Keen Software House at GDC 2017 this week including the producer of Space Engineers, the producer of Medieval Engineers and a red Space Engineer… This coming Friday, they’re organising a fan meet-up so if you’re going GDC and would like to join in, please contact Deepflame via the KeenSWH Discord: https://discord.gg/KeenSWH[1]


  • improved default mount position for:
- Large and small Solar panel
- Large and small Connector
- Large and small Laser Antennae,
- Large and small Hydrogen Thrusters
- Small Connectors
- Small Ore Detectors
- Small Antennae
- Small Ship Drill
- Refinery
- Medical Room


  • reverted changes for welder
  • added default setting for suspension wheels when built, to provide moderate performance in any environment
  • fixed crash in render that caused the game to crash on launch due to the ShaderCache folder