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Hello, Engineers! Today we are making changes to the release system to be simpler and involve the community more. The main change is that we are removing Develop branch from the game. There will be only one branch and updates will be tagged as Minor or Major. We will still patch the game every week with Minor updates, but Major updates will not be scheduled with strict dates in advance but rather will be released only when everything is completely tested, fixed and approved by a closed testing group to ensure the build is OK. Also we will leave the previous update as a separate rollback branch on steam - so you can always switch one update back.

This week’s update contains more improvements to multiplayer, performance and the overall game as well as a new multiplayer dogfighting scenario. We’ve also implemented turret and thruster parallelization which will significantly improve performance on grids using lots of them. And there’s a new multiplayer scenario being released this week called Dead Drop Arena. Dead Drop Arena is a team deathmatch based scenario designed to make it easier for players to jump into a game with ships already prepared so they can start shooting and having fun straight away. Players spawn into the station, pick teams and then enter the cockpit of their ship, when all players are ready the ships are dropped from the station and there is a ten second delay before engines & weapons activate… so be ready to pull out of that death dive and for the fighting to begin!


  • New Multiplayer Scenario: Dead Drop Arena
  • Marek's Blog Post: Changes to Space Engineers Release System[1]


  • fixed crash while showing gravity range
  • fixed crash while placing block into the voxel on dedicated server
  • fixed symbol @ not working in e-mail subscription on some keyboards
  • fixed moving platform does not move, when it is connected with voxel
  • fixed plane and line blocks do not have the correct ownership
  • fixed wheel steering while controlling vehicle from turret
  • reduced too bright whites on some voxel materials
  • corner LCDs renamed to top and bottom
  • suspension wheels renamed to left and right


  1. http://blog.marekrosa.org/2017/03/changes-to-space-engineers-release_14.html