Update 01.180.1

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update is a minor release that contains some smaller improvements as the team starts work towards the next major release once again. You should notice that because the last update was major, we created the ability to rollback to the most updated version of the previous major update 1.179 via the BETAS tab in Steam. One of the notable things in the works at the moment is higher quality and optimised tree LODs which will allow for denser forests while at the same time having higher frames per second on planets.

The programmers are pursuing various slowdowns and performance drops in multiplayer while also working on optimising rendering performance and improving the visuals and lighting in the game. These tasks in particular are massively time-consuming and complicated, especially as we are developing our engine in-house on top of programming the game itself. But we really appreciate your continued support and patience as we work on these areas.

Lastly, next Monday we will be streaming at 7PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. The first segment will be with Deepflame looking at Medieval Engineers and the game’s upcoming major release and then there will be a Q&A session with Marek and other members of the team here at KeenSWH.


  • fixed batteries and solar panels
  • fixed crash while spawning modded asteroid
  • fixed object states not updating when destroyed in multiplayer
  • fixed tools working at the same speed
  • fixed corrupted world file when using illegal characters for world name
  • fixed incorrect position of personal light after dying and respawning
  • fixed problems with selected blocks when player is dead
  • fixed ship grinder flare being too bright