Update 01.180.2

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update is another minor release that contains crash fixes and smaller improvements as the team continues work towards the next major release. Good news - we managed to improve AMD compatibility and fix flickering shadows issues.

Just in case you missed the stream earlier this week, we discussed more about the performance optimizations currently being worked on. Here’s an example of one of the worlds being used as a benchmark to analyze sim speed.

It’s a simple scenario with 16 red ships and 16 simulated players which are all moving at a speed of 20m/s. This is running on a system with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and an GTX 750TI.

Without the optimizations, this scenario would run with a sim speed of around .5 and would take 33ms to update rigid bodies. After the optimizations were made, the exact same scenario was running at close to .9 sim speed and was only taking 8ms to update rigid bodies. This is just one of many performance optimizations being worked on. We’re also working to make the 3rd person camera function better with creations that have subs-grids so there’s less snapping to 1st person when rotating the camera around the main grid.

Lastly, next Monday we will be streaming as usual at 7PM CEST on the Keen Community Network over on Twitch. During this stream, we will be speaking with Marek and Olga about GoodAI as well as the General AI Challenge, and discussing how these projects have been progressing over the last couple of months.


  • improved AMD compatibility
  • fixed flickering shadows
  • fixed crash when pressing Games tab on server list
  • fixed crash in MP when moving items around inventory
  • fixed crashes connected to parallelization