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This page is in development, this is not its final form

These are the general guidelines to follow when creating, or editing, pages on the Space Engineers Wiki.

  • No Spam / Vandalism.
  • Do not remove all text from pages. You may remove information on the basis that it is incorrect, but please make sure you are 100% sure.
  • Before creating a page, please ensure that you have the correct spelling of subject and correct information on the subject.
  • Articles created for the purpose of advertising specific servers, YouTube channels or livestreams are not allowed and will be deleted.
  • Please add a summary to all of your edits - this will make the wiki more organized.
  • Do not directly copy over content from other websites that discuss Space Engineers.
  • We are not a file-hosting service. If an image is uploaded and not integrated into a useful article soon after it will be deleted.
  • For help with Wiki Formatting consult this MediaWiki Page