Wind Turbine

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Large Ship / Station
Wind Turbine
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Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass616.4 kg
616,400 g
616,400,000 mg
0.616 t
Build time20 s
Max Power Output400 kW
0.4 MW
400,000 W
Power Source GroupSolarPanels
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost55
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Renewable energy from wind. Its power output is a function of nearby obstructions, altitude, and the planet's air density. Must be stationary to function.


This block is an alternative energy generator when direct sunlight is not available but an atmosphere is. Using this instead of a solar panel you have a much larger range of power output (not to mention greater). Because this block's energy output is dependent on the atmosphere, pressure, and obstacles there is no need for batteries to be a main power source as it will always be active.

Wind Clearance

The displayed Wind Clearance is the product of nearby obstructions and weather.

Wind Clearance Max Output
Optimal >380 kW
Good >240 kW
Poor >0 kW
None =0 kW



  • Locking a mobile wind turbine's grid to a stationary object (station or voxels) will also allow the turbine to function.
  • Place this above the structure so that there are less obstructions.
  • Wind Turbines output more power under certain weather conditions.

Known Issues


Class MyWindTurbine

Update History

Update 01.189
  • Wind Turbine block introduced