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Large Ship / Station
Basic Refinery
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,2,1
Mass2,802 kg
2,802,000 g
2,802,000,000 mg
2.802 t
Build time40 s
Material Efficiency70 %
Refine Speed65 %
Power Consumption330 kW
330,000 W
0.33 MW
Idle Power Consumption1 kW
1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
Inventory Volume4,000 L
4 m³
400 hL
Is AirtightPartially
Power Consumer GroupFactory
PCU Cost75
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The Basic Refinery is similar to its larger counterpart the Refinery in that it refines Ores into Ingots. However, it is limited to only refining common metals: Iron Ore, Nickel Ore, Cobalt Ore, Magnesium Ore, Silicon Ore, Scrap Metal, and Stone. The Basic Refinery is 8x smaller, requires far fewer Components to build, and needs 41% less power to run. But it is also slower (65 % speed) and produces less usable material (Only 70 % efficiency) compared to the large Refinery.

However, unlike the larger and more expensive Refinery, it has no attachment ports allowing it to be upgraded. Unless you are short on space or resources, the Basic Refinery should be used as a stepping stone to constructing the larger and (depending on its upgrade modules) more efficient Refinery.

It has two inventory compartments: one that only accepts Ores (and Scrap Metal) and one that only holds Ingots. Both hold 4,000 L
4 m³
400 hL
by default.


Operating the Basic Refinery is similar to the Refinery. A simple example of its use is below:

Example Tutorial
  1. Build/place your Basic Refinery anywhere you like
    • If connected to a Conveyor Network, the furnace will automatically draw Ores from another inventory. However, for this example we will be placing the ores in manually.
  2. While close to the large conveyor port door; open the inventory.
  3. Drag your ore from your inventory on the left, and place inside the Basic Refinery. It will now begin processing automatically.

Control Panel

Control Panel
Options Comments
Toggle block Turns the device on, or off.
Name You can enter in your own custom name in the text box
Show on HUD If there is an Antenna attached to the same grid, this device will display its position on the players HUD
Use Conveyor System If "on" allows the Basic Refinery to automatically draw ores from other inventories connected to it

Refining Rates

Ore Processing
Consumption Production Production
Cobalt Ore Icon.png Cobalt Ore 4.615 s/kg 21% 0.217 kg/s 0.046 kg/s 21.978 s/kg Cobalt Ingot Icon.png Cobalt Ingot
Iron Ore Icon.png Iron Ore 0.077 s/kg 49% 13 kg/s 6.37 kg/s 0.157 s/kg Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Magnesium Ore Icon.png Magnesium Ore 0.769 s/kg 0.49% 1.3 kg/s 0.006 kg/s 156.986 s/kg Magnesium Powder Icon.png Magnesium Powder
Nickel Ore Icon.png Nickel Ore 1.015 s/kg 28% 0.985 kg/s 0.276 kg/s 3.626 s/kg Nickel Ingot Icon.png Nickel Ingot
Scrap Metal Icon.png Scrap Metal 0.062 s/kg 56% 16.25 kg/s 9.1 kg/s 0.11 s/kg Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Silicon Ore Icon.png Silicon Ore 0.923 s/kg 49% 1.083 kg/s 0.531 kg/s 1.884 s/kg Silicon Wafer Icon.png Silicon Wafer
Stone Icon.png Stone 0.015 s/kg 3.528% 65 kg/s 2.293 kg/s 0.436 s/kg Gravel Icon.png Gravel
Iron Ingot Icon.png Iron Ingot
Nickel Ingot Icon.png Nickel Ingot
Silicon Wafer Icon.png Silicon Wafer
Based on game data file content.
Kilogram ore consumed per second = Ore Mass / (Ore RefineTime / Refinery Speed)
Kilogram ingots produced per second = Refined Mass / (Ore RefineTime / Refinery Speed) * Refinery Efficiency




Like the Survival Kit, the Basic Refinery can also refine stone into trace metals. It is much faster and happens automatically, but you get 30% less materials due to its Material Efficiency.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 1.189
  • Arc Furnace renamed to Basic Refinery and changed parameters
Update 01.057
  • Fixed mirroring of arc furnace
Update 01.052
  • Arc furnace can now refine more metals, the Arc Furnace was only capable of refining Iron Ore previously
Update 01.048
  • Fixed cannot stack items in production queue
Hotfix 01.045.013
  • Fixed 'Arc furnace' building progress models
  • Changed name of Blast furnace to “Arc furnace”
Update 01.045
  • Arc Furnace’ (Previously Blast furnace) introduced