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An Asteroid is a static naturally generated object, it usually contains Stone, and other ores.


Asteroids have many uses, a more than common one is mining, seeing that it is a prime location for ores. Another useful use for Asteroid is to create stations on/in an Asteroid, many asteroids have wide open spaces that can be easily used as a hangar, basing stations in Asteroids are also a good tactic when preventing damage to a station, making it useful if you turned on Meteor Storms.

When creating a world there is an option for the amount of asteroids they mostly fit into two categories, infinite and limited, limited has a set number of asteroids (Which you can decide the amount), infinite generates asteroids based on how dense you want your world to be with asteroids.


  • If playing on a server with griefers consider putting your stations/ships in an asteroid, which would create a well hidden and well defended base.
  • When mining asteroids, try to put a spherical gravity generator closest to the center as possible this will help prevent ores from flying into space.