Conveyor Junction

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Conveyor Junction Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Conveyor Junction
Large Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass524 kg
524,000 g
524,000,000 mg
0.524 t
Build time20 s
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-05
Conveyor Junction Icon.png
Small Ship
Conveyor Junction
Small Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass583 kg
583,000 g
583,000,000 mg
0.583 t
Build time14 s
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost25
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-05


The Conveyor Junction is a device which allows the transfer of items from one inventory to another through conveyor ports. The small ship variant features six small ports and four large ports, while the large ship variant simply features a large port on each side. Note that it has no control panels or interfaces to interact with.


The Conveyor Junction automatically allows items to be passed through as soon as its construction has been completed, as long as the grid (ship/station) it is being placed on has power. Like other conveyor blocks, it is also capable of transferring Oxygen and Hydrogen. See Conveyor Mechanics for more information.

On large ships, this block is helpful when linking together multiple separate systems into your conveyor network. On small ships, it's helpful both in linking together multiple systems and in serving as a link between systems using small and large conveyor ports.


A conveyor junction block in the middle is connected on 3 different sides alongside a big blue default ship
View of the conveyor junction block
View of the conveyor junction block for a small ship. It features 6 small and 4 medium ports


  • Small Conveyor blocks and large conveyors cannot directly connect with each other. The only way is to use a block with both large and small conveyor ports, such as a Medium Cargo Container or a Conveyor Junction, as the junction point between them.

Known Issues

  • All conveyors require power to function. However, interestingly enough the conveyor blocks do not have any power consumption. So while it does need power to pass items through it, it won't actually drain any power from the grid.

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Update History

Update 01.037.014
  • removed computer component from conveyors (so turret won't attack it)
Update 01.034.009
  • Fixed crashes caused by conveyor
Update 01.034
  • Added the option to take anything from conveyor system by double-clicking
Update 01.031
  • New larger conveyors for small ships (able to transport every item)
Update 01.030
  • Fixed minor conveyor issues (energy usage)
Update 01.027
  • Conveyor systems now require power (electricity) in order to function