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[[File:Commando Espacial.PNG]]
[[File:Commando Espacial.PNG]]
'''[[Officers of Commando Espacial]]''' <-- Click me!
'''[[Faction:Commando Espacial/Officers of Commando Espacial|Officers of Commando Espacial]]''' <-- Click me!

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Commando Espacial.PNG

Officers of Commando Espacial <-- Click me!

Current Events:

Beginning Preparation to re-mobilize, please contact (dragonspride1995)

Contacting Grande Cheif about a time for a meeting.


1. Loyalty to Commando Espacial is mandatory!

2. All Officers Must Remain on the log, to have active communication, and a log to ease communications, and organization

3. All documents and rules should be notarized by the Commander of Operations

4. All ships and resources should be shared with faction, however be mindful of others creations.

5. Always try to communicate needs through your commanding officer, who in turn will communicate through logistical officer. (If your commanding officer is not available contact the logistical officer).

6. Life takes precedent, but try to be active! If you are going to be inactive for an extended period of time contact your commanding officer, or the Commander of Operations

7. We are mainly pirates not assassins! Steal, pillage, blackmail and have fun, however do not kill neutral players on sight, only if we are currently at war with the faction/player.

8. Everyone is responsible for defending the faction.

9. Any Issues will be handled by the Chief of Operations

10. Any issues unable to be handled by the Chief of Operations will be decided in a battle to the death (grinders).


Many pirates were band together in this faction, however after fierce deliberation the faction has worked out the kinks, and created their own creed. This faction strives never to kill any fresh player on sight, They attempt to always engage only with warning, to any unknown civilian craft; a shot across the bow, or even to move in and give fair warning not to run, and not to fight. This has improved both the factions standing, and inner-faction politics. Many within the faction have even been known to help fresh spawn's giving them protection while mining, and even a place to stay. This has resulted in many allies. However any vessel of war is fair game, and any station they come across will be confiscated, or bombarded for pure fun.


(Backstory) Commando_Espacial is originated from Brasil, and expanded to Portugal. However after the recruitment of dragonspride1995, became a multi-national faction orientated on the Prometheus rising space engineers server. CoE remained a massive power in the politics, and galactic superpower within Prometheus Rising for 8 months. They proved their supremacy through many wars, where many fell prey to the mighty Ajax, their battle cruiser, and her support fleet. After a major set back on the server (Prometheus Rising) which resulted from either the deletion, or theft of the entirety of the CoE fleet; The faction was re-organised by dragonspride. As a result of the reorganization of the faction, a more strict command structure was created, as well; due to the multi-lingual natures of running a multi-national faction, logistical officers were chosen to ease communications between Portuguese and English. The faction is now scrambling to re-determine their destiny in a new galaxy (server), where they once again may reap the benefits from both piracy, and domination.

(Friday, October 2nd 2015) Commando Especial found a new galaxy to control, the name of said galaxy is Gardens of Sajuuk. After many hours of work the faction is starting to get a foot hold, however progress has been steady at best due to members missing in action. After a few skirmishes [CoE] has decided to deploy a new design by the name of the Precursor Dreadnought classified as a heavy cruiser (Designed and built by Ensign TheCheif). This vessel has seen active combat, and has been tested thoroughly. New designes are activily being researched by members of the faction to allow for further conquest. It should be noted that during this time, The Commander of Operations faced a illness which he overcame a week later, during which Dragonspride1995 took temporary command of Commando_Especial, during which four more recruits were recruited: TheChief, UnchartedMaster, dartravens, and stichguy83. We can only hope that our leader remains in good health, so our organisation can remain a superpower.

(Monday, October 19th 2015) Commando Espacial has increased our foot hold on the server, we have deployed our first fortress (Zeus's Throne), and a Frigate known as the Valiance both designed by darkravens, and Dragonspride. In our continued effort to recruit fresh workers, we have obtained Tdsdriver, and BulderBast; However with the struggle of keens development of planets, and the bugs left unchecked it has left many of our numbers weary of the constant sim speed drops, Memory Leaks, etc. Over half of our number is AWOL, and we continue to bleed numbers. Our commander has regained his health, however he still remains on leave. I (Dragonspride) can only do so much to further our number, and power within this Galaxy. I have noticed the same trend throughout all the universe, as keen continues to pump out update after update, leaving the bugs for later, and doping teaser after teaser interest continues to wane. We can only hope that the development does not kill off all interest. Because of the lack of manpower we have forged a trade alliance with TSS, in an effort to boost our economic power.

(Friday, January 15th 2016) Commando Espacial, its members after much disillusion have disbanded for how long, I cannot answer, but I (dragonspride1995) remain hopeful for the future of this faction. I hope to redeploy as the universe seems to be returning to play ability, I am going to attempt to contact each of our members individually and get their input, and see if they will reunite under the banner of Commando Espacial.

Enlisted Ranks

These are honorary titles awarded by Commando Especial, in times of extreme danger any rank may use any ship to defend their home, however for any other use any ship used above your rank must have permission from the owner of the craft, or your commanding officer. These ranks will be awarded upon request, of a commanding officer, then verified by the Commander of Operations. Each rank comes with perks assigned to it. However each perk my be revoked or upgraded by the Commander of Opperations.

Conscript: - This rank is for fresh recruits. You have not earned our trust so you must ask permission to use all faction ships, other than small utility vessels, and light fighters.

Ensign: - This rank is gained by proving that we are able to trust you, and you have adequate activity. With this rank you are given the right to use Medium fighters/bombers and you will be given certain responsibility within the faction.

Lieutenant Junior Grade: - This rank is dedicated for players who, we do not feel have enough activity, or are not prepared for the responsibility of the rank of Lieutenant, but have shown dedication, and found trustworthy. These ranks may use Low tier large craft.

Lieutenant: - This rank is for players who have shown much dedication, and responsibility; they will be given a leadership role and will be expected to uphold faction rules, and statutes. This rank is also allowed to use mid tier ships built by the faction, such as a frigate.

Lieutenant Commander: - This rank is for players who have shown exemplary character, knowledge, and dedication. These players are allowed to use any mid tier ship such as a destroyer, or cruiser. This rank can only be gained by member who have shown they can be trusted without incident.

Commander: - Undefined.

Captain: - Undefined.

Achievable Commendations, rewarded by Commander of Opperations

Ace - For exemplary fighting in Fighters

Military Valor Medal - reward military personnel for meritorious service as demonstrated by a display of exceptional qualities, military virtues, a spirit of sacrifice and selflessness, moral courage, bravery and loyalty that are deserving of public recognition

War Cross - reward acts of bravery and deeds performed during in wartime

Distinguished Service Medal - Recognition of extraordinary military service or outstanding acts.

Exemplary Behavior Medal - Recognition of meritorious, long service with exemplary behavior.

Campaign Service Medal - Recognition of wartime service.

Expeditionary Medal - Recognition of wartime service behind enemy lines.

Wounded on Operations Medal - Recognition of military personnel who have been wounded in battle.

Recognition Medal - Recognition of military personnel who have been captured during war or other military missions such including peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Victory Medal - Recognition of military personnel whose actions which heavily resulted in victory in battle.


Steam Group: Commando_Espacial [1]

Application Page: Commando_Espacial [2]

Teamspeak 3: prometheus.ts.nfoservers.com

License: [3]