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'''Rescue Officer'''
'''Rescue Officer'''
'''Senior Rescue Officer'''

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Her Majesty's Space Guard
Judge Rage
Faction Type:
Civillian, Rescue, Law Enforcement, Humanitarian Aid
[Coming Soon Her Majesty's Space Guard]
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Her Majesty's Space Guard was formed in 2050 following the dissolution of many of the space-based police and rescue services including the Haven Police Service, Haven Fire and Rescue Service and Haven Ambulance Service. We are responsible for rescuing those who are stranded in space, responding to medical emergencies, providing policing services through the HM Space Police Service and providing humanitarian aid and infrastructure to those who need it. Members of the organisation are sworn to Her Majesty the Queen.


HM Emergency Rescue Service

HM Emergency Medical Service

HM Space Police Service

HM Space Guard Special Operations Directorate


HM Emergency Rescue Service & HM Emergency Medical Service

Coastguard-02.jpg Rescue Officer

Coastguard-03.jpg Senior Rescue Officer