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I found a problem or have questions about the wiki, where can I post it?
You can post in the community portal discussion page, and create a new topic

Community Portal Discssuion. Addtionally, users can ask questions in the Discord chat - KeenSoftwareHouse Discord Chat

I created an account, but I haven't received a confirmation email. What do I do?
Make sure that any adblock extensions on your browser are temporarily paused/disabled while registering as it may affect the completion process. Also be sure to check your junk box. If the problem persists. Please inquire in Discord Chat, under #Help - KeenSoftwareHouse Discord Chat

How can I tell which pages on the wiki should be worked on first?
Community Portal is located on the navigation menu on the left inside the wiki. Projects are listed there. Everything from outdated tagged pages, to pages needing translation. Also news bulletins are posted there for anyone who is using the wiki to be aware of.

I want to help add information, but I don't how to use the wiki very well. What can I do?
If you have difficulty in using the wiki, you can create a new thread here in this forum and ask for someone who knows how to use the wiki to post the information in that section. If the changes are simply spelling errors, or small corrections, please instead post in the minor additions thread - Here

Who regularly maintains the wiki?
This varies heavily. Members come and go. The wiki is intended to be contributed by anyone, at any time. The administrators only contribute when free time allows it. Otherwise it is solely maintained by the community, and moderated by the admins.

I want to learn how to use the wiki, where can I go to learn?
See the mediawiki help pages - Mediawiki - Help:Contents

Do the block/item/material pages follow a certain template?
A "template design" yes they do. An example can be found in this page - Help:Item_Page_Example

Q8) Can I only add or alter certain or small bits of information on a page? A) Yes, we encourage everyone to help contribute to the wiki and all its pages. From information on the mechanics of a block, to simple correction of spelling errors, it's all very much welcome.
Q9) What does "Page under construction" mean, and who places it there? A) Template:Under_Construction or in code {{Under Construction}} is a template used when a contributor is currently working on that said page. It can be placed there by anyone to alert anyone viewing that the information may be incomplete, and work is still being done on that page. After the work on the page is complete, the tag should be removed.
Q10) Each time I create a new page or edit, I sometimes receive MySQL errors on the page. Can this be fixed? A) We currently don't know why the wiki is displaying these errors. They have been present for quite some time, when they shouldn't actually be displayed at all as far as the admins are concerned. That being said, whenever you make a new page or an edit, the changes are still saved and uninterrupted. Try your best to ignore them, no matter how annoying they can be.
Q11) I want to help translate pages into another language, do you have any instructions or help pages? A) Follow this link - Help:Localization

Q12) My language isn't currently supported by the Wiki, can it be added?

A) Yes, more languages may be added to the wiki. For the Wiki to consider it 'Official', the Main Page, as well as 4 other additional pages linking from the Main Page must be translated into the language in question. If you are having difficulty, please post a new thread in this forum with your concerns. Once the requirements are met, either post in the Community Portal, or contact one of the administrators below:

Rhine - Site Owner, Wiki Administrator

Draygo - Wiki Administrator

Sapphire - Wiki Administrator