Update 01.027

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We have added wheels (so you can build vehicles), missile launcher for large ships and platforms, functional turrets (gatling and interior; used as defense mechanism) and decoy block which can be used as aiming target for the turrets. We also added the pause button in offline mode.


  • wheels - use them with rotors and artificial mass to build vehicles
  • automatic turrets – gatling and interior turrets are now functional. They aim automatically and can destroy meteorites, decoys and anything that is connected to the decoy. They can be used mostly as defense mechanism and not for shooting other players, but if a decoy is placed inside a space ship or space station, the turrets will shoot and damage it
  • decoy block – they are used as aiming targets for turrets; they don’t require electricity to function
  • missile launcher block for large ships and platforms
  • added Pause button (pause/break) in offline mode – now when you open the inventory in the offline mode, the game does not pause by itself (as it was until now by default) but keeps running. In order to do so you must do it manually by pressing the Pause button
  • collector, connector and conveyor systems now require power (electricity) in order to function


  • memory peak after load (32-bit system)
  • fixed sprinting and running sounds disappear
  • fixed hand animation when adding/removing objects in creative mode
  • fixed few crashes and game not starting issues
  • fixed launch issues on cards without HDR support
  • fixed assembler sounds
  • fixed custom names


  • Curved Conveyor Tubes are included in cubeblocks.sbc but not enabled in game.
  • BUG - Incomplete interior turrets crash the game. Placing an interior turret in survival mode or grinding an interior turret in creative or survival will crash the game.

Hotfix 01.027.009


  • The graphics card problem that occurred to some players who were running the game on notebooks with integrated GPUs (Optimus issue) has been resolved. NVidia has included the profile for Space Engineers in their latest drivers so if you experience this issue, please update your NVidia drivers to the latest version and then go to settings and check the option to run Space Engineers on the NVidia card.
  • Interior turrets no longer crash the game when deconstructed or placed in survival mode.

Hotfix 01.027.010



  • fixed issue when large ship moved/rotated after it was hit by the character (generally known as ship bumping issue)