Update 01.050

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Blueprints have been added in Space Engineers. Players can now save their ship or station on a blueprint and paste it into their game. This was one of the most demanded features by the community, so we feel happy that it is finally in the game. We hope that players will enjoy this as well. Blueprints can also be uploaded and shared on Steam Workshop. They work only when copy/paste is enabled. At the moment, blueprints can be used only in creative mode, but later in the future they will be added for survival as well. Welders (both [Welder (Ship)|ship]] and character) will be able to 'place' blocks according to blueprints.


  • Blueprints (F10, Ctrl+B)


  • fixed reduced distance for placing objects in survival mode
  • fixed issue when a dead player could still remotely control ships
  • fixed ore detector showing ore when owned by someone else
  • fixed mod api enums not allowed
  • fixed crash when changing ownership
  • fixed mod api - 147 script error due to 'the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process'
  • fixed cockpit lockout after RCing a ship
  • fixed hand tools not working after RCing a ship
  • fixed colour palette resetting

Hotfix 01.050.010


  • fixed slender man
  • fixed crash in modded character caused by different number of bones
  • fixed crash caused by meteors hitting asteroid
  • fixed crash when using unsupported characters in blueprint name