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7 April 2016


In this week's update we are bringing you a new multiplayer feature called server side character control. It basically means that client position will always be determined on a server instead of on the client itself. This should prevent unnecessary deaths due to spawning inside of a wall and jumping into objects caused by a lower server speed. We also fixed performance issues for worlds with a complex conveyor system - they should no longer be so slow. Some improvements have also been made to gyroscopes - they should not spin heavier ships more than light ones anymore. And lastly, the situation where all the sounds played at once when a player alt+tabbed is also taken care of.


  • character on server with client side prediction
  • programmable block improvements (see details below)


  • fixed very slow worlds
  • performance increase and optimization for conveyor systems
  • fixed small ship missile turrets not shooting
  • fixed gyro behavior (spinned heavier ships faster)
  • fixed sensors detect ship out of their area of detection
  • fixed sounds play all at once when window focus is regained
  • fixed blocks were not ground from certain angles on DS
  • fixed wheels are not attached when blueprint is welded
  • fixed small ship missile turret won't reload

Community Fixes

  • Programmable Block: Added runtime information to MyGridProgram via the Runtime property. [Malware]
  • Programmable Block: Allows for a usable, instruction-counted constructor with all peripherals initialized, and a save method which is called by the game on demand to avoid unnecessary serialization. [Malware]
  • Programmable Block: Implemented "yield return" support to programmable blocks. [Phoenix84]
  • ModAPI: Implemented support for custom emissivity settings. [Phoenix84]
  • ModAPI: Fixed duplicate GPS bug. [Phoenix84]
Special thanks to Malware and Phoenix84 for the programmable block and ModAPI improvements!

Update 01.129.007 (08/04/2016)

  • fixed crash on ilcompiler initialization
  • improved character rotation control when standing on ground
  • fixed advanced tools
  • fixed inventory bug when player was away from base
  • improved lighting