Update 01.140 Stable

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Today's update to the stable branch contains all bug fixes from the past month. However, it does not yet include new features like the new building system and modding changes - for those, jump over to the dev branch to check them out.


  • bugfixes


  • dx9 textures removed
  • solar panels can be turned on or off
  • 3rd person zoom and other control changes
  • space master can cycle through GPS coordinates now
  • added .NET environment in the log
  • fixed color copying in mirror mode
  • fixed cockpit toolbar issues
  • fixed open doors grinding faster than closed ones
  • fixed stretched control cube
  • fixed backpack color changing
  • fixed log saying "see log for details"
  • fixed construction stage orientation for some blocks
  • fixed cryochamber overlay sticking ofter death
  • fixed tool tips covering jumpdrive countdown
  • fixed hidden inventory slot behavior
  • fixed grinder area of effect after merging
  • fixed projected antennas broadcasting
  • fixed incorrect inventory order after moving an item
  • fixed screenshot crash in blueprints menu
  • fixed crash in Havok when loading world
  • fixed corrupted worlds with missing textures
  • fixed speed mods corrupting world messages
  • fixed Horizon and Altitude indicators distorted on triple monitor setups
  • fixed piston top part gets separated on DS
  • fixed issues when meteors are falling on DS
  • fixed projection not matching the grid
  • fixed check box in player terminal
  • fixed pivot point have bad colors
  • fixed refinery modules are functioning without power
  • fixed particle effect of shooting (muzzle flash)
  • fixed collisions ignored when pasting grid
  • fixed rotor top parts shivering when placing
  • fixed mirror mode switches on when reloading a world
  • fixed manual Safety override (force weld) does not sync properly on DS
  • fixed helmet flashlight sinks into grid/voxel
  • fixed oxygen farm has wrong emissivity when powered
  • fixed crash during meteor storm
  • fixed no fuel reported when recharging docked ship during the day
  • fixed Jump Drive destination selection issues
  • fixed muzzle flash staying in place when changing weapons
  • fixed Large atmospheric thrusters breaking
  • fixed sound of getting out of cockpit when merging/unmerging ship
  • fixed merge block on piston could not be merged
  • fixed grinding Sliding doors at Earth EasyStart destroys different blocks
  • fixed inventory screen screen filters showing wrong inventories
  • fixed issues when remote controlling from cockpit
  • fixed Small oxygen generator not consuming Ice on DS
  • fixed debug menu warnings
  • fixed block remains in terminal after being removed
  • fixed reversed thusters (MP, creative)
  • fixed respawn ship selection issues
  • fixed thruster issues in MP
  • fixed pasting from clipboard for the first time
  • fixed crash when loading a world
  • fixed character moving with rotor
  • fixed player being able to control ships from cryochamber
  • fixed character with no head when in remote control
  • fixed impossible to move issue during lock on merge block by landing gear
  • fixed clicking on the slider for Suspension Travel greys out controls on the block
  • fixed respawn on DS not working correctly
  • fixed crash on loading blueprint
  • fixed "safety locked" Large to Small rotor moves around a lot
  • fixed controlled ship falling down on planet

Update 140.004 Stable

  • fixed crash in grid replication