Update 01.145

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This week’s update brings more bug fixes and improvements to the development branch. We’re also making some changes to the default world settings. The majority of our players do not fully utilize the oxygen pressurization system in the game. It can have a significant performance impact so for now, we've decided to disable it by default. If you want to use the pressurization system, and are willing to accept the potential performance penalty, you can enable it in the advanced world settings. Bugs fixed this week include there not being any oxygen when near a closed sliding door, thrusters not getting powered up unless restarted in terminal, and all character tool tiers having the same impact.


  • option for turning oxygen pressurization ON/OFF in the world settings (default OFF)


  • fixed spectator switching to character when aiming with gun
  • fixed 2nd player does not see message when sitting inside cockpits of the same ship
  • fixed no oxygen when near closed Sliding Door
  • fixed door invisible when starting a game again after save in Cryopod
  • fixed thrusters don't power up unless cycled
  • fixed airvent triggers don't work
  • fixed SE hangs on world load with lots of active projectors
  • fixed crash at Havok.HkBreakOffListener.breakOffSubPart
  • fixed inventory not being able to find containers.
  • fixed elite and standard tools running at the same speed
  • fixed power down grid from secondary cockpit
  • fixed explosions sounds too short and the sound skips
  • fixed save hangs at the loading screen
  • fixed several issues with projector

Update 007

  • fixed memory crash in emitters
  • fixed pilot in 3rd person when exiting cockpit
  • fixed crash in string measuring
  • fixed spawning stone when drilling stones on DS