Update 01.146

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This week's update brings improvements to meteors, save games, and the in-game chat. Meteors and meteoroids now have different particles. Meteoroids have a dusty debris effect as they travel through space, but as they enter an atmosphere (becoming meteors) the particle effects become more fiery and smokey. They now also create bigger and better looking craters on impact. Lastly, they have been balanced to target your structures less frequently and less accurately. We’ve added the ability to backup saved games automatically. You can set the max amount of backups in the advanced world settings - by default, it is set to 5. Backups can be completely disabled by setting the value to zero. Once you’ve reached the maximum set number of backups, the oldest one will be replaced with the most recent one. For now, you can only access these backups using the desktop file browser but in the future we plan to add a folder hierarchy to the in-game GUI. This new feature means that you will now always have a previous version of your save to go back to, whether or not autosave is enabled. The in-game chat feature has been improved by adding global chat history. Please note that you won't see any messages sent before you join a server. We also fixed decoys being ignored by turrets - they should now work as intended, with automated turrets targeting them before targeting any other block.


  • Autosave backup
  • Meteorites improvements
  • Global chat history
  • Mod error logging improved (thanks to Duncan!)


  • fixed issue when player can't complete the fourth tutorial
  • fixed placing new blocks in space creates two blocks
  • fixed exiting from cockpit in survival causes to jump to third person
  • fixed turrets ignoring decoys
  • fixed character flying up when controlling ship remotely
  • fixed new thrusters not working
  • fixed 5x5 wheel suspension for mirror mode
  • fixed LCD panels being pink when turned off
  • fixed faint highlight on small grid
  • fixed Light Armor Inverted Corner block causing clipping
  • fixed 1st planetary tutorial drill not possible to equip
  • fixed Antenna on Rotor can't access other antennas (Out of Broadcast range bug)
  • fixed corpse waypoint does not update when moved
  • fixed walking on alien sand having the grass animation