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Hello Engineers! This week's update brings you a round of bug fixes and improvements, as well as the addition of the auto orientation feature. In our dev diary this week, you'll hear from Space Engineers programmer Lukas, who will tell you more about the visual scripting he's been working on. The auto orientation feature will help you with building by rotating blocks so that connector pieces are always connected to the grid. All blocks now have one side defined as a "mountpoint". The block will rotate with the mountpoint facing the grid when pressing T (configurable in controls). When a block has more than one mountpoint the feature will make it rotate between them. In the case a block does not have a defined mount point it will rotate to the "backside" of the block

Fixes this this week include the problem with Pirates not shooting grids that have a block assigned to them. Also, the atmospheric lander should now allow you to land with it safely - you will no longer need to glide, and instead you can descend. We also fixed the issue with rotors snapping/exploding after loading your saves. The issue with projections when they were turned off or on in DS was also fixed.


  • added auto orientation feature for block


  • fixed character jump
  • fixed pirates are not shooting grids with one block assigned to Pirates
  • fixed walking on alien sand has the grass animation.
  • fixed safety Locking Blocks Conveyors
  • fixed log spammed when blueprint resources runs out.
  • fixed uneditable grids in creative mode missions
  • fixed straight conveyor tube NOT available in large grid
  • fixed rotors snap after loading
  • fixed welding projections are sometimes not possible
  • fixed battery does not function properly through toolbar shortcuts.
  • fixed turning on Projectors with stored blueprints activates the Station-laying boundary box
  • fixed enable/disable Sabroids [Spiders] is missing in advanced menu
  • fixed disabled thrusters still working
  • fixed unable to complete 10th basic tutorial
  • fixed character standing in cockpit with jetpack on
  • fixed piston head connectors disapearing
  • fixed small beacon block group problem
  • fixed projection is not visible after turning projector off and on again
  • fixed being unable to go down with atmospheric lander
  • improved mouse control for character

Update 004

  • fixed crash in add constraint
  • fixed crash in antenna
  • fixed rotation for clients on other clients